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Mount Pleasant LTC Management Update Spring 2018

Mount Pleasant LTC

Management Committee Update to Members

Spring 2018

From time to time the Management Committee wants to give Members an insight into some of the key projects being worked on and share noteworthy items. In this update we reflect on the club turning 125, provide our anticipated date for court resurfacing and installing a new floodlight system and share our intentions on long term planning for Mount Pleasant LTC.


Mount Pleasant Lawn Tennis Club Celebrates 125 Years

This year marks the 125 year anniversary of Mount Pleasant Lawn Tennis Club. Not many clubs, organisations or institutions can make such a claim. This achievement is even more remarkable for a not for profit organisation which depends so heavily on volunteerism. My gratitude to all those who are serving on the Club’s various committees and those who assist in running the numerous events throughout the year, both social and sporting, is greater than I can express.  You should all take immense pride in the fact that the time and energy you put into our Club on a voluntary basis is the foremost reason that Mount Pleasant continues to thrive a century and a quarter after its founding. 

The work of our volunteers would not bear fruits without an active, friendly and welcoming membership. No club can match Mount Pleasant in this regard. Time and time again we hear how welcoming our Club is, how easy it is to integrate. This atmosphere is impossible to manufacture, it is simply down to each and every one of you, our brilliant members, who make this club so great.

It is easy to take these things for granted, but we shouldn’t. Indeed they should be celebrated. Throughout the year we will be marking our 125 year anniversary in a number of ways. One highlight of these celebrations will be our 125 Year Anniversary Summer Ball on the 19th of May. It’s bound to be a fantastic night and I hope many of you will join the celebrations.

The Year Ahead

While our members and volunteers are the best a club could ask for we have to admit that some of our facilities fall short of what all of us expect and deserve. Having spent much of 2017 working on raising funds to address these issues, 2018 will see significant improvements take place.

Out of 2,320 clubs that applied for a Sports Capital Programme Grant we were one of only thirty three clubs to be provisionally approved[1] for the maximum amount of €150,000. This, coupled with our successful membership drive, puts us in a strong financial position. As a result we are able to resurface courts 1 to 4 as well as install a new floodlight system on courts 1 to 8. Only a few months ago we could not have imagined being in this position. Without the successful grant application and our increased membership revenue we would have had to wait a number of years before starting these crucial works. Fortunately we are now able to start these works in a number of months. 

I know all members are eager to see these works commence; however, there is still a rigorous process to go through including obtaining planning permission and ensuring all necessary criteria to drawdown the Sports Capital Grant are met. Our aim is to start the works in November, but at all times quality and value for money will outweigh our desire to deliver quickly. This investment should last thirty years, if not longer, and will consume a significant amount of club funds. We have one chance to get this right, and we will. I ask for your patience and support on this project and an understanding that while we want it done quickly, more than anything we want it done right!

A further update on this project will be given at our Annual General Meeting on the 21st of March where the Management Committee will seek approval from the Members to allocate the required funds to carry out these works. I therefore ask that you attend our AGM in order to vote on this important project.

Long Term Planning

Once the above works are completed it is important to continue improving the club. We want to be ready for when the next Sports Capital Programme Grant application process starts, whenever that may be, in order to submit as strong a proposal as possible. To this end we have recently issued a member survey and conducted a focus group session so that the Members can give the Management Committee guidance on where to focus their efforts, which areas need repair or upgrading and which development opportunities to explore. Over the coming months the Management Committee will work in conjunction with the three section committees (Badminton, Squash, Tennis) to begin formulating an overall club development plan. Each section will be asked to investigate and devise proposals. It will be a collaborative approach in which all sections will be updated and consulted on each other’s proposals. In accordance with club rules all capital expenditure and its purpose are determined by a member vote at a General Meeting. There will be many diverging views on which developments are important for Mount Pleasant and members should engage in debating the merits and drawbacks of any major expenditure once these proposals are finalised and presented.  However, in the meantime the Management Committee believes it is important to support each section in the exploratory work they carry out and hope that all members see the value of each section having the chance to participate in the vision for Mount Pleasant.


Thank you for your continued support and membership of Mount Pleasant Lawn Tennis Club. We look forward to working with you and on your behalf to build on what is already a fantastic club. Working together as one club Mount Pleasant will go from strength to strength. Here’s to the next 125 years!

Yours Sincerely,

Barry O’Leary

Club President



[1] All Sports Capital Programme Grants are provisional until all terms and conditions are met and formal approval is received. Such terms and conditions include submitting final planning permission, evidence of title, details of the tendering process, tax certification of suppliers etc.  The grant money can only be drawn down after payment to the contractors and works are completed, certified and fully compliant with the terms and conditions of the grant.