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Mount Pleasant JMO 2018: Section A winner Dylan Moran, runner up Sean White ...for more.

We had the most successful Mount Pleasant JMO so far at the weekend- our 6th edition of the tournament. Sixty one players from all over the country took part in this standard based event. The ages of the players ranged from 5yrs to 16 years. Some fantastic battles developed most notably, Elliot Kelly V Sean Murphy, Sasha Zheleznyak V Harry Gowdy, Jack O'Flynn V Sean Murphy and the Section A final was a classic encounter between Dylan Moran and Sean White Dylan shading it 17-15 in the 5th!
Winners and Runners Up
Section A
1. Dylan Moran 2. Sean White
Section B
1. Tristan Snodgrass 2. Sasha Zheleznyak
Section C
1. Victoria McCluskey 2. Gillian Ahern
Section D
1. Alana Jiandani 2. Lydia McQuillan
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