General News

EGM - Wednesday 20th February at 7.00pm

Dear Members,


As many of you will know we are investigating the possibility of building two additional Squash Courts. This would only be viable if a significant amount of funding was provided by Irish Squash. Irish Squash has indicated that in principle they would be willing to provide a significant proportion of the funding. In order to engage in formal talks with them they have asked for us to first determine whether or not we are able to obtain planning permission. To this end an application for planning permission for two additional squash courts was lodged with Dublin City Council (DCC) in August 2018. DCC have subsequently requested two reports in relation to the application before making a decision whether or not to grant planning permission. The reports relate to assessing the impact on traffic and trees. 


On the 31st of December the following motion was submitted to the Management Committee. 


“The Management Committee will not submit any further documentation in relation to the current planning permission application before Dublin City Council without first calling a General Meeting of the Club to seek the approval of the majority of those members in attendance to do so.”


The Management Committee accepted this motion and has agreed to a vote seeking approval from Club members before submitting any further documentation in respect of the Club’s planning permission currently before DCC.  


As a result the Management Committee is now holding an EGM on 20th of February at 7pm for members to vote on the following motion:


“Mount Pleasant LTC shall commission and submit reports requested in relation to the current planning permission application before Dublin City Council, the funding of which will be from funds already raised by the Squash Committee”


This vote seeks members’ approval to commission and submit the reports requested by DCC in relation to the planning permission. If planning permission is obtained then Mount Pleasant LTC can discuss possible funding options with Irish Squash in greater detail. Once these discussions have been held the Management Committee would review the overall proposal and decide whether or not it is worth putting it to the members to vote on pursuing the building of two additional squash courts. 

We hope you can attend for this important vote. 


The Management Committee