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Mount Pleasant LTC Tennis holiday information 2020.

Dear members, 

Following the tennis holiday meeting on Thursday, rooms are being held for Mount Pleasant members in the hotel/villas/apartments for a short time only. Information has been sent out via WhatsApp groups, but all tennis members are being emailed in case you did not recieve the notice. Please click on link Tennis holiday information 2020

If members are considering going on the holiday, from Saturday 2 May to Saturday 9 May or are interested in joining for part of the holiday (Tuesday 5 May to Saturday 9 May), they should contact Yvonne by this coming Thursday so she has an indication potential numbers. 



089 446 9236

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Also, it is worth bearing in mind that there is only one flight per day with Ryanir to Murcia and although airport transfers to/from Murcia airport are included, people need to arrange their own flights. The next nearest airport is Alicante.


Best wishes,