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Social: June 505 & Race Night

Mount Pleasant LTC is hosting a Race Night on Friday June 11th to coincide with the June 505.

 The event will be preceded by Tennis and Badminton American Tournaments and it will electriceddiestart at 9pm - well known DJ 'Electric Eddie' is MC for the event.

Horses and Jockeys can be bought at the Mount Pleasant LTC bar for €10 each!

You will have to give the horses and Jockeys a name - careful now! But Miss Ivanna Whippalot is already taken.

There will be an Auction Race at the end of the night and a tote for all races.

race_nightSo, don't forget to get a piece of the action at Mount Pleasant!

This is a fund raiser for our successful Badminton seniors that will represent Mount Pleasant LTC and Ireland in Holland from June 20th.

See the poster by clicking here!