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Social: What's coming up! Tennis, 505 & comedy!

What's coming up!

  • Friday January 28th: American Tennis Tournament  with Pizza! (€5 & 9 courts required).
  • Friday February 4th: 505 Night with rollover prize of €2,450 and a further €2,050 to be won! Money mouth The other main 505 prizes are: €400, €300, €250, €150. The attendance prizes are: 1x €250 and 7x €100 prizes.
  • Friday February 4th: Open-mic comedy slot 9:30 to 10:30. Aidan will give a free beer to anyone that is prepared to stand up and deliver a comedy piece for three minutes! Leave your name at the bar if you want to take part! Seven people aree on the bill so far!
  • Friday February 4th: New Members American Tennis Tournament! (9 courts required).