505 Night


group1The draw is held in the bar at 11.15pm, sign in by 10.30pm on the first Friday of the month (unless this falls on a holiday weekend, in which case it takes place a week later).

The draw previously had 505 members, but now includes all club members (included as part of club subscription) plus any non-members who wish to join.

Each draw has a number of main prizes and attendance prizes. The list of prizes is:

Rollover prize: Starts at €650 and increases by €150 every month until it is won whereupon it returns to €650 the next month. To win this prize a person has to be present when it is announced.

Main 505 prizes (every month): €400, €300, €200 & €100.

Attendance prizes every month: One prize of €250 and four prizes of €100 and four prizes of €50 bar vouchers. To win one of these a person has to be present when the results are announced.

    The main prizes can be won by any member of the draw, but "attendance" prizes can only be won by those members of the draw who are present on the night.

    505-3You must sign in on the night to be eligible for attendance prizes. Prizes may change from time to time.