New Ball Machine

ball machine 01Ball Machine

NOTE: currently the ball machine is out of use, due to Covid 19 restrictions.

In early 2018 Mount Pleasant purchased a new tennis ball machine: the Lobster Elite Grand 4.

The machine is battery operated, and currently there is no electricity in the storage shed so we charge the battery in the clubhouse.

More information on this ball machine here

The user manual can be downloaded here

There are full instructions on how to go about using the machine in Mount Pleasant in this video: 

There is also a tool to make it easier to pick up the balls: the Kollectaball


There are some videos on ball machine practice exercises here:



If the machine does not work check the following:
  • Is the main switch (hidden down below the control panel on the left side, near the wheel) in the UP position?
  • Is there a ball stuck in the machine? Disconnect the battery, take all the balls out of the hopper and look into the mechanism from above. If you see a ball stuck:
    • DOUBLE CHECK POWER IS REMOVED - this means disconnect the battery completely.
    • Now carefully put your hand in through the feed wheel and try to pinch the threads on the ball, and pull it out. If this fails, put the machine back and let Dee know.
  • Is the trip-switch off? This can happen if a ball was stuck in the machine. The trip-switch is down under the control panel, on the opposite side to the main switch (near the other wheel). Try to flick this on and see if it helps.
  • Are the leads correctly attached to the battery? Look inside the black bag holding the battery. Sometimes the leads can come loose. The black lead should be connected to the black terminal on the battery, the other to the red terminal. If these were not connected properly it may not be charged.
  • Does the battery charger show both red and green lights when the battery is connected? If so this normally indicates a cable is loose or disconnected from the battery.
  • Finally: if the battery fails for you, and if the charger was showing a green light before you started, please let Dee know. The battery may need replacing.